Forex Trading

Choose from over 40 Forex currency pairs, such as USDJPY and GBPUSD, and trade the world’s most volatile markets with tight spreads, high leverage and local support. 

Market Spreads and Pricing

Instruments Spread (from) Trading Time
EURUSD 0.0 pips Monday-Friday:00:05-24:00
USDJPY 0.0 pips Monday-Friday:00:05-24:00
GBPUSD 0.1 pips Monday-Friday:00:05-24:00
EURGBP 0.1 pips Monday-Friday:00:05-24:00
EURJPY 0.3 pips Monday-Friday:00:05-24:00

Why trade Forex with GMI?

Our tight spreads, mobile and desktop trading capabilities and 24/5-access to the markets keeps you connected, so you can trade the Forex markets anytime, anywhere on MT4, the world’s number one Forex trading platform. We’ll be with you every step of the way to help you master MT4, analyse the markets and identify Forex trading opportunities. Create an account now and join thousands of traders across the world that are already a part of the GMI community.

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Forex Trading FAQs

  • You can trade all the majors, as well as over 40 other Forex pairs all with tight spreads and high leverage with GMI.

  • The Forex market on MT4 opens at 00:05 on Monday, and closes at 23:59 on a Friday. Some of the minor Forex pairs open at the slightly later time of 01:00 on Monday morning.

  • To place a trade, you must either decide to open a buy or sell position. A buy position means you want the price of the traded asset to rise for you to make a profit. A sell position means you want the price to fall. You have the choice of when you want to close that position, and at that point your profit or loss will be realised.

  • To place a Forex trade, first you must download the MT4 trading platform if you haven’t already. Then, simply search for the Forex pair you’re intending to trade in the search bar and select open a position from the menu bar.

  • To open a GMI account, all you will need is a form of identification that can be sent to us so we can verify your identity. Apart from that, simply go through our sign-up form and provide us with some personal information such as your name, date of birth, country of residence etc.

Need a hand? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any of your trading enquiries.

For general enquiries:

[email protected]

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